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Buy and sell domain names!
« on: August 25, 2020, 01:22:22 am »
Buy and sell domain names!

Buying and selling domain names is a legitimate work at home or earn money while you sleep,  type of income stream.

Some people make a full time living just buying and then selling domain names. (Don't expect to be able to do that until get the hang of it).

Domains are like internet Real Estate, and a good domain name can really drive traffic for up and coming companies and or websites.

If you have a creative mind, than just go to Go Daddy... , and invent domain name, make sure it's available, buy it for dollars, then sell at at auction and make a few bucks.

GoDaddy even has their own inhouse auction house, or you can use... where the only thing they do is help others sell or 'auction' their domain names.

Some domains bought for as low as $10.00, then a few months later turn around and sell for over a $1000 and more.
You just gotta know the market, know what's trending or about to, just like with Real Estate, but it's definitely doable, and there is no middle man, you're your own boss.

I'm currently on afternic and giving it a try, and will let you know how things go.

The more streams of income we have coming in, the better off we'll be down the be continued.

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