Author Topic: If you hate this image, then ______.....  (Read 40 times)


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If you hate this image, then ______.....
« on: July 11, 2020, 06:28:57 am »
If you hate this image, then, just wait until 'your shoe fits'

If you hate this image, then just keep reading until 'your shoe fits'.

1. If you hate this image and are a 'black male' than here's why.

a. You've allowed society to define you, and if offended by seeing someone you think is 'you', portrayed in a 'soft lite', a 'happy lite', a 'gentle lite', if seeing 'self' portrayed in this matter makes you upset and want to lash out, than you are, and have been, truly brainwashed by society to hate yourself.
You have bought into this idea that self can only be a 'monster', constructed by those who rule over you, their projection of you is fulfilled within 'you'...and they have won.

2. If you hate this image and are a black female, here's why.

a. Image may be projecting a softer, kinder, pose, persona, than you yourself are capable of do to the harsh environment you come from, and where looking or being beautiful is prime Real Estate, and more times than not simply a mask of the deep pain felt on the inside.
You may also see the above as 'competition', in that good men are rare, and the idea of another male attracting attention to self, and away from you, is threatening to inner self.

It's hard enough being black in this world, let a long a black female, in that you have to not only fight of negative stereotypes of 'blackness', but also have to extra out of your way to prove to others that underneath that 'blackness' still capable of being a women.

So when a male, a black male in particular, steps into that already competitive Real Estate of beauty and grace within black community, many 'B' females respond very hostile towards such.

3. If you hate this image and are a white female..

a. You've been raised within your culture to believe all white females have a copyright on's just been embedded into your subconscious mind from childhood, and reinforced through popular media, through Walt Disney, through TV shows, movies, both new and old, books, magazines, history and this idea that you're atop the 'beauty scale' is indeed your own personal reality.
So when that notion challenged, it throws off your sense of self, and everything else that makes sense to you, and because it doesn't make sense to you than it must be 'evil' and 'sinful' and just flat out wrong.

4. If you are offended or hate above image and are a white male then...

a. That means you're actually attracted to above image, but ashamed to admit it.

White males are very simple creatures actually, in that they'd actually prefer the majority of 'B' males, or those they deem as, have a more softer gentler tone about them, thus less threatening, thus in their minds easier to control.

Also I must add the following..

If, no matter who you happen to be observing this, if you feel you must layer the above image with sexual orientation, than again, you've been brainwashed by society when it comes to many things, but in particular this idea that if a male, particularely a 'B' male, presents himself, them self, in any way outside of a 'thug life' template, than they must be 'gay'....if you think that way you're very 'small'.

Here's why.

1. No where in the bible does it say being beautiful, wanting to feel beautiful to self, means you're gay, and even if so, so what, that would mean that the men who wrote that was wrong..(yes I said it)

2. Beauty, looking beautiful to self, has zero to do with sexual orientation.

3. Look at nature, and notice how in nature particullarly within the birds, that the males birds are often the ones adorned in bright beautiful colors, not the females...

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And in fact, early on in history, prior to the industrial age, indeed it was often the males of tribes who adorned selves in bright colors and paint, feathers ext, for show, and to attract females, but under Western rule, that's all been reversed.
And men, particulalry men of color, who once had spirit and weren't afraid to shine in beautiful ways, were simply reduced to nothing more than 'Labor', stripped of all spirit, and recreated in the image of a useful tool by slave owners and society.

But back to orientation, looking, or wanting to feel beautiful has zero to do with orientation, and those who think it does are hyper dense, if I'm wrong than challenge me in a post.


Example, there are many 'ugly men' who are gay, gay as hell, and look like construction workers, truck drivers, plumbers, yet they're gay as hell, so outer looks have zero to do with orientation.


Also, just because you're attracted to another male/female, of your same sex, doesn't mean they're the one who is 'gay/lesbian'...rather you need to look in the mirror.


The majority of those who post sick adds on C/L and other such places who want to meet and greet and them 'scram', aren't 'gay', rather they're closet bi-sexuals...which most people actually are but afraid to admit.

In closing, how you react to above image says more about you, and really nothing, repeat, nothing about the image, for all the image is is 'pixels' on a computer screen.

To be continued.

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