Author Topic: What am I?  (Read 13 times)


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Re: What am I?
« on: October 05, 2020, 03:30:59 pm »
What am I?, today I feel I'm a defeated foe, moral low and absolutely sucks


Sometimes I think getting smacked around and beat up is less painful or harmful, than getting attacked in other ways, that don't leave physical scars, but that damage your moral, self esteem, sense of worth and more.

When you get beat up (lightly), whether in play or a light tussle, it's usually not all that personal, it's not really an attack on your inner self, but getting spiritually beat up, or damaged in psychological ways, well, it feels a lot more personal and the pain from those kind of attacks can last a life time or really effect your long term mood.

People who commit suicide don't do so because they got beat up one night at a bar, or on the streets, that's usually laughed rather people who commit suicide, who suffer from depression, do so for the deeper reasons I mentioned above...mainly neglect...emotional and social neglect, or even fiscal neglect.

If I could walk into a boxing ring tonight, or even a wrestling ring, and get 'tossed' around, I'd leave actually feeling better about self...even if got clobbered by opponent, their clobbering me would be more affection than myself, and others, get now.

Only so very few will get that, and if you don't get it, than be glad you don't, means your life is OK.