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Comedy Shop
« on: September 14, 2020, 03:18:41 am »
Comedy shop

Black years vs White years

You know how you have like dog years, as in 10 years in a dogs life is like 50 years in human life.

Well same thing applies to if you're a black male, in that 15 in black male life is like 30 in white male life.

I mean think of all the treachery and violence and pestilence  black males have to over come, especially if live in the inner city of Chicago or Los Angeles or Miami, or Dallas.

And if a black male and make it to age 20, and still alive, well that's like 40 or 50 in white years, you're doing pretty good if still alive and healthy at age 20, then if make it to 30, that's middle age for a black dude, and from there living on borrowed time, unless get away from the inner city, for sure.

Have to over come drive-by's, gang violence, poor nutrition, cops, jail prison, bad advice from family and friends, low self esteem, have to over come the influence of rappers who teach every foul value contrary to a productive life, have to over come women, child support and or their jealous boyfriends, there's just a lot to over come if born a black male in the inner city, both now and 50 years ago, probably more now, cause at least 50 years ago family units were more traditional within the black community.

Anyways, the right comedian could really build on that, tweak it, and make it funny, it's a theme that can be either really funny if presented properly and in context, or it's a theme that could be really 'dark', if presented by a depressing NPR (National Public Radio) type.

More to follow.

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