Author Topic: Black on Black crime myth examined  (Read 43 times)


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Black on Black crime myth examined
« on: June 01, 2020, 10:34:06 am »
Black on Black crime myth examined

I've gotta take this topic on, finally and at last cause I keep getting annoyed by lazy types who keep using that term 'Black on Black' crime, as if casual citizens, who are defined as 'black' (by you), are just out and about shooting, stabbing, killing others who 'look like me'.

Crime and how crime is committed is not catigorized like that among any other ethnic or racial group on the planet, instead crime is catigorized by 'intent', purpose and so forth.

I mean you never hear 'Russian on Russian' crime, instead you'd hear 'Criminal element on criminal element crime'.

And during the Italian Mafias hey day, you never heard 'Italian on Italian crime, instead the crime committed was catigorized as 'Mafia on Mafia hit', and so forth, their ethnicity having nothing to do with it.

But with American citizens of slave decent, it's always 'black on black' crime, when the crime committed against other person had nothing to do with color, but rather opportunity or 'beef', which all people do of all colors, you fight with those you interact with, not strangers.

You divorce the one you're married to, you don't divorce the one you're not married with.

You 'shoot' the one who's challenging your 'territory', you don't shoot someone living 30 miles away whom you have no territorial beef with.

Not only that, but since most of these shooting go unsolved, this idea that it's black on black crime, well, says who?

Anyone who states that it's 'black on black' crime, before perpitrater is caught is simply repeating ignorance

How do you know it's not 'Hispanic on Black' crime or shootings?

Truth is, just about anyone can shoot a black person now days, and it's automatically assumed another black person did it.
We don't know who committed the crime until person is caught.

Anyways, got plenty of time to add more thoughts, but felt I needed to get the ball rolling on this in this blog forum, but even though a blog forum feel free to leave your own opinion on the matter if so chose.

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