Author Topic: Personal thoughts and encounters with religion  (Read 18 times)


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Personal thoughts and encounters with religion
« on: July 13, 2020, 03:47:33 pm »
Personal thoughts and encounters with religion

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The following is kind of my personal experience with religion over the years, some of it good, others of it bad.
Not my experience with 'God', but rather my experience with religious people and institutions.

Let's begin, and I'd like to start with event today that occurred while at Post office.

There was a long line, as usual, and people wearing masks, then small talk broke out, we were complaining about how there was lack of 'help' at the main desk, only 1 clerk working, all others 'called out'.

Anyways, suddenly the older lady in front of me broke out in 'sermon' mode, 'praise Jesus' mode, 'you need Jesus in your life', mode.
She was implying that 'Jesus' alone is the cure or protection from Corona virus, and on and on she went, with me tossing in an occasional response.

For instance what she claimed 'Jesus' made her realize, I told her 'Common sense' made me realize the same thing.

Well, she just kept going on and on, while in line, on and on about Jesus this, Jesus that.
The people in line were all quiet and respectful, and some of them even offered a 'Amen'.

And this lady kept talking and talking, and making statements about how Jesus did this in her life, and did that for that person, and you just must believe.

Finally when all over, as I left for car, she was outside, called me over and did the whole 'I'm gonna pray for you', thing, right there in front of Post Office.

Here's how I feel about the whole matter.

I'm totally not interested in people who are that buried in 'Jesus', been there and done that, and from past experiences those are some of the most shallow, flaky friends you can have, cause it's all based on 'you being saved', not in reality, but rather 'In their own mind or minds'

And one thing I've realized over the years and that is you can never convince anyone with that mindset whether or not you're truly saved, ever, I mean as far as they know you could be putting on a big act, as many do.

Basically here's the breakdown

If they like you, you're saved, if they don't like you, disagree with you about something, than you're not saved.

That's how that game works, and I got tired of it years ago, in that if you disagree with them, than you're disagreeing with 'God' himself, if you disagree with them, than you're disagreeing with the bible, thus you're 'lost', type of crap.

As such I stepped away from that 'yo-yo' type of stuff years ago, and glad I did.

And have no intention of going back to that mental mind prison.

The woman seemed like she was under a spell to me, I mean how do what know what we're really worshiping, when you think about it.

I mean just that whole burden of waking up everyday afraid to 'sin', afraid that this is a sin, that is a sin, and constantly begging god for forgiveness, constantly questioning your state of salvation, constantly in fear that you may of missed a sin, thus if you died right there on the spot, may end up in hell....


I mean the burden of thinking about hell every day, 24/7, kind of makes life 'hell' before you're even there.

When I was in that spot, it just kind of sucked up all my 'real joy' in life always obsessed with my own state of salvation, and others, no thanks, I don't want to go back to that spot.

I don't appreciate being told that normal human passions is 'sinful', or this idea that there's something 'wrong with me', always and forever that I need gods constant assistance to fix.

I mean that lady meant well, but I saw her as being under a spell, and only conditionally happy, with the fear of hell being her constant back drop.....why would I want to go back to that?

If I'm going to hell, than I'm going to hell, no need in me obsessing over it every day of my life.

Anyways, to each their own, but I saw that poor lady as being under a spell of sorts, and to afraid to just be 'free', to be self, without always the constant need to worship something and 'bow down' to a god handed down to her from slave masters.

I just don't need all that public display of 'faith' anymore, it seems kind of silly to me, but that being said to each their own, and I don't fault that lady at all for believing what she must to keep sane in this world.

And all these types of 'Holy Jesus' type of women always are single, no man in sight.

And especially at my age, I need whatever women I'm with to be sexy and attractive and actually enjoy 'whatever', since I so denied myself when younger.
And like back then, as would be now, can't see myself getting turned on by a lady constantly shouting the name of 'Jesus', and making romance seem 'dirty' and ugly....again that mentality ruined my life when younger, why would I want to go back to that?

Yet all those women in the church telling me how dirty sex was, themselves all seemed to have like 2-5 kids.

Anyways, more to follow as time allows.

And again, no knock against that preaching lady, it's just at my stage in life I see going back to all that more as a prison, a trap, and stress.

I'm not fearful of God, Jesus, hell or nothing, if god comes back and burns me to a cinder block, than so be it.

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Re: Personal thoughts and encounters with religion
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2020, 11:41:59 am »
A guy in France stabs 3 people outside a church, and then beheads one of them, and then is taken to hospital where they keep repeating 'god is great' in Arabic language.

Is that what religion does to people?, turns them into homocidal maniacs?

Or either that or mental illness and religion just don't go well together.