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Civilian Protective Vests
« on: July 07, 2020, 01:50:51 am »
Civilian Protective Vests

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(The above company doesn't exist, I found that out the hard way when I went to their site but will leave page template up anyways)

The way I see it, why should only LEO's have the right to defend themselves against imminent or sudden and random street violence?
I mean when you think about it the number one endangered people out there on the streets today are young 'B' males, in that every time you turn on the news they're either getting shot by each other, or getting shot by the Police.

And not all of these younger 'B' males are guilty, but are often caught in the 'cross fire' per say, or misidentified by 'the bad guys', or even misidentified by the Police.

Often times younger 'B' males, or anyone, as far as that goes, may get shot by the Police, just to find out they were reaching for a cell phone, or in one case a Hoggie Sandwich, kid literally had a hoggie sandwich behind their back and got 'offed' by nervous officer....this could happen to anyone regardless of color or age, or even gender.

Point is, at least with a protective vest on, you may get a second chance to explain to the officer that you indeed were reaching for a boloni sandwich and not a weapon, then can explain the rest in court.

Life is short people, and not many of us get second chances, but to me a vest can give you that 'second chance'.

Things out there on the streets happen very fast now, drive by's and more, random robberies and more, misidentified and more, and to me a vest makes more sense than a gun in that usually if someone wants to hurt you, they'll get you when you least expect it, gun or no gun, but with a vest, when, if, it does happen, at least you have a chance to either defend yourself, or to simply run away from situation, or even fake your own death, (chuckle)(only in the movies)

To me, guns are just to much of a liability now days, for even if you were 'proper' in defending yourself, we all know it's in the eye of the jury, or Prosecutor's office.

Especially if you already have a record, say from 10 years earlier, and have since cleaned up your life, well the courts act like you're just suppose to walk around unprotected meaning no firearm, so say you're in your home, or in a park, walking down sidewalk, and you're attacked, pull out gun, simply to protect yourself, you'll still get arrested and life ruined all over again.

So to me, a vest makes better sense, in that it can give you that second chance without being the 'aggressor'.

I mean now days I'd almost rather be shot, live, and then sue in civil court, than to shoot someone, get sued, and end up in Prison.

Anyways, this section here obviously about protective vests for civilians who care about their personal safety.

And again, this idea that Police Officers, or Government officials are the only ones worthy, or allowed to protect themselves against violence is faulty on many levels.

And of course I'm referring to law abiding citizens who are just a bit freaked out by today's violent climate.
Usually if you don't look for trouble you won't find it, but still, you just never know now days.

Much more to follow or add your own thoughts and opinion to discussion.
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