Author Topic: Chris Walrus and their back stabbing ways, revenge of the Ivy league nerd type they are..Fox  (Read 36 times)


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Chris Walrus and their back stabbing ways, let's examine their 'Revenge of the Ivy league' nerd type of behavior

This Fox News commentator is a back stabber, they back stabbed Trump by focusing on crowd size rather than message, even though a record 7 million people viewed from home.
Yet, Chris Walrus couldn't help but join chorus of 'main stream media' fake news stuff, to stab their dear friend in the back.

Say like in Prison, or War, such a type as Chris Wallace wouldn't be trusted by either side, for as the saying goes, if you betray side you're suppose to be one, only a matter of time until you betray 'us'.

This soft toed Ivy League geek cannot ever be trusted, they're apart of the 'Establishment class'.

This soft toed, geek, will sell 'you' out in a minute, to gain favor with current 'trend'....they're not ever to be trusted...regardless of what side your on.

Much more to follow.....and or express your own thoughts here about their betrayal of their dear friend Trump.

Sell outs are just sick.

They're wobbly, and let you down when you most need them, is why sell outs so despised on street level.

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