Author Topic: The News Stand General Comments  (Read 3 times)


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The News Stand General Comments
« on: January 09, 2021, 11:57:17 am »
The News Stand general comments

Lately I've been avoiding the news, I just block it out, at least main stream news cause it's all the same, it's all designed to bum you out.

And there's only two headlines any more, the 'C' monster and Trump, and how nasty the Democrats are behaving right now and seeking revenge.

It's all just ugly to me, totally ugly stuff, and I don't need any of it inside my mind.

If all we absorb in is ugly stuff, soon we ourselves become ugly, so I block it out best I can.

The news is just not like it use to be, at least not front page news, now it's just political crap.

And the owners of these papers could care the less how it's destroying society, they could care the less, all they see is dollar signs.

I just wish more people would stop elevating those on TV, from News anchors to Politicians, we need to stop elevating them.

Much more to follow as time allows..

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