Author Topic: Straight Outta Compton movie, a second look, or first look for some  (Read 23 times)


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Straight Outta Compton movie deserves a second look or first look for some

The middle scene in the movie, which is based on real life events, but the scene where gang banger stops school bus and confronts students, it just took me back to my 'Job Corps' years and how serious gang banger's took their craft, I had a similar situation occur with me, but it was in Tacoma, WA, 'Hill Side Crips'...and this scene, when I saw this scene, It gave me a new respect for this movie, cause indeed that stuff really did occur back in the day.
Sadly though, the snobs of Hollywood, the Academy awards show, didn't recognize this film for it's accurate portrayal of the streets, and the fact that the group N.W.A, like them or not, totally changed the music label industry and culture of a big chunk of America, for the better or worse.

And that Dr Dre went on to become the first 'B' billionaire rapper, after he teamed up with 'Apple Beats' speakers.

This movie is not fiction, and the actor who plays Ice Cube in movie is actually Ice Cubes real life son.

They made it, N.W.A made it, but so many did not, this film deserves a second look, or a first for some, including myself.

Back in the day, those streets were real, they still are, only now it's not so much about 'sets' or 'crews', or colors, as it is about 'profit'.
Death is death, violence is violence, but back then it was a bit more organized violence, where as today, these youngsters, I think they just shoot at anything that moves, no more order in the streets, which makes the streets probably more dangerous today.

Just depends, anyways, add your own comment, if not I have plenty more of my own to add, here in this 'blog forum'.

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