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Also learn to look on your ceiling

About a week ago, glanced up at the ceiling and saw, well, not one but two gross looking parasite looking insects, as if they were just waiting for me to turn off the lights so they could either fly down, jump down, into my bed or bedding and feed on me.

I killed one with 'Raid', the other one fell of ceiling when sprayed it with soap water, and it like jumped like a jumping bean or something, gross.

So now I make it a habit to always glance up at the ceiling to see what could be lurking up there.

It's still the insects

For me the insects are still the worst thing about living in the tropics, after a while you get jittery and jumpy every time you leave your place and step out onto the deck, never know what will or could be dangly there, or on the wall, or what Hornets nest popped up literaly overnight, or what web you might walk through at night.

Not sure how either the Native Americans or early settlers handled all the insect back when they all pretty much slept outside.

Sucks getting off work late and having just enough time to realize you have to go to bed, to get up, and do it all again 

Get home late, can't drink, can't get into anything fun, just basically can only scoot around and shuffle a bit before going to bed and doing it all again the next day.

I shouldn't really complain though in that just coming off of 4 days off, but seems the more days you do get off, the less you want to work.

There's a difference between staying busy with your own projects, and being employed.

Appreciate this network, but they keep pushing the whole vaccine crap to much onto people of color

Reflections of a Ghost (My Space) / Re: The Odd Zone
« Last post by TallOrder88 on June 14, 2021, 07:34:01 pm »
To be honest, if there is a spiritual devil, they're way stronger than me and I cannot win in the flesh

To be honest, if there is a spiritual 'devil', than I cannot win, all I can really do is submit to their will.

I just dropped a beer, and it exploded all over floor and me.

Was that god telling me to stop drinking, or was that the devil mocking me?

I don't know, I just know some seem blessed in this world no matter what, no matter their behavior, yet others seem cursed in this world, no matter what and no matter their behavior.

You have to decide on your own what makes sense.
Grocery shopping Consumer reviews / Re: General comments about shopping
« Last post by TallOrder88 on June 14, 2021, 01:04:28 pm »
I save money buy not bulking up on groceries anymore

In the past always felt had to go spend 70 dollars a week minimum on groceries, which was around 300 or more a month on refrigerated food, not anymore, now I just by very simple healthy stuff, and instead of buying all the goody expensive pre made dinner stuff, I just buy potatoes, rice, red cabbage, natural stuff, and steam cook on my own, and save what I don't eat, called left overs.

And I'm healthier because of it, I think, I mean if didn't drink, I'd be like the million dollar 'man' or 'woman', or human.

I shop light now, and realize I don't need a fridge full of 'stuff', cause than you'll end up eating that stuff, and never losing weight.
Grocery shopping Consumer reviews / Re: General comments about shopping
« Last post by TallOrder88 on June 14, 2021, 01:00:23 pm »
One good thing about mask wearing, is when shopping, it helps hide your face if didn't fully feel like grooming

At least with mask on, you can half more than half your face and not worry so much about your looks when to lazy to feel like properly grooming.

Grocery shopping Consumer reviews / Re: General comments about shopping
« Last post by TallOrder88 on June 14, 2021, 12:43:08 pm »
I hate shopping, but fridge is about empty

I really do hate shopping now, but fridge about empty.

I just hate the whole preparing to leave the place, it's like an event that starts with 'what should I wear?'.

And then going to a place where there's no social interaction, everyone basically  there walking around like robots doing their own thing.

And the hassle of traffic, parking, standing in line and or around people you don't find attractive.

I mean do attractive sexy people even shop?

I never see attractive model like people shopping, either male or female, at least where I stay, instead everyone looks pudgy to me and dull.

But I do need go shopping, if not now than stomach will demand it later, so let me get up and ready to go do this no fun activity.

More to follow as time allows.
Grocery shopping Consumer reviews / General comments about shopping
« Last post by TallOrder88 on June 14, 2021, 12:37:05 pm »
General comments about shopping

General comments about shopping to follow.
Politics / Re: The Biden/Harris Presidency examined
« Last post by TallOrder88 on June 14, 2021, 07:02:05 am »
I feel like this administration is the gateway to destruction

1. Flying overseas to quickly take the bottom position again and to give away our tax money to foreign groups, dictators, and corrupt regimes.

2. Not taking illegal immigration serious at all, you'd think Democrats, of all people, would understand how over population is devistating to the environment, more people means more resources, more food, more cars, more electricity, more pollution, more crime and ect.
How could people who are against climate change not see how harmful it is to cram so many 'others' into one space?, as in a nation.

3. Crime out of control as Police officers are quitting in droves, and the criminals are more than happy to replace them, and settle their own beefs, now in Democrat ran cities, it's the criminals who are the Police.

4. Spending trillions on made up fake projects, and the money simply always vanishes.
I think China is encouraging our Politicians to spend American into oblivion so that they can economically take over, don't doubt me on why many wealthy people are getting dual citizenships now, but us common types just cannot do that, other nations have very tough immigration rules, and unless very wealthy, they just don't want you.

I actually think 'The Beast' as spoken of in the bible would be a better alternative to this current administration.
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