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What am I / Re: What am I?
« Last post by TallOrder88 on September 22, 2020, 07:25:32 am »
Art allows you, us, to take a vacation within ourselves

Art allows you, us, to take vacations within ourselves.

The above is 'me', and no, I don't look like that or reflect that image in every day life, not even, although wouldn't mind if I did, cause if did would be more at peace and people would be more at peace with me, in that above image is probably a better reflection of who I am, I mean I'm already that, but no one sees it.

In the above portrait I feel like a 'Maria' for some reason, a Puerto Rican gal, looking over a balcony somewhere just pondering about life, the future and self.

Young, hungry and still a bit curious about life.

We've all been there, some are still there.

If not for art, and able to project all sides, I think I'd go 'mad', although I'm sure some already think I'm already insanely mad.

I assure you I'm not though, I just don't allow 'flesh' to always define who or what I am.

Sometimes I do, when role requires it, but when a lone, I play no role, other than to comfort self, and I often do that by allowing other sides within to breathe, peer out, and relax.

Thank goodness for art.
What am I / Re: What am I?
« Last post by TallOrder88 on September 21, 2020, 09:45:30 pm »
Why some are more fearful of Heaven than Hell

Altered States blog post, very good and deep read about how dishonest people make life a living hell for honest types, and how religion often used as tool to do so.
Paranormal Saturday Radio is Back!

Paranormal Saturday, please do join us!, Paranormal theater like days of old!

Para Sat radio is back, never really went away.

Also, works best on google chrome, for some reason.

Can listen directly from player by going here>>>

Or can go to and listen to player directly on website.

Shows air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, new shows being added all the time.

Also, if you'd like to add your own show, than contact the show and your own para show, or even political show will get uploaded for free!!

Para Saturday is not twitter!! or FB, all views, as long as language is clean, allowed!...please do spread the word.

Welcome all, to (don't forget the dash, LOL)

Consumer Product and Service Reviews / Re: Google
« Last post by TallOrder88 on September 14, 2020, 02:50:40 pm »
Every day I hate google more and more for changing the dynamics of the internet

The internet, years ago, was for the 'small' to communicate, now google has hi-jacked it, the traffic, and ruined it.

F google today, and F google tomorrow.

I breathe with or without google, they make money off of my, our 'habits' yet don't share the wealth.

Fate will destroy google one day.
'Out' magazine, for LGBTQ news and information

Find out which celebrities have been faking you out for years, and come 'out', like Andrew Gillum, former Mayor of Tallahassee FL has, they now admit they're 'bi-sexual', even though married.

The Comedy Shop / Comedy Shop
« Last post by TallOrder88 on September 14, 2020, 03:18:41 am »
Comedy shop

Black years vs White years

You know how you have like dog years, as in 10 years in a dogs life is like 50 years in human life.

Well same thing applies to if you're a black male, in that 15 in black male life is like 30 in white male life.

I mean think of all the treachery and violence and pestilence  black males have to over come, especially if live in the inner city of Chicago or Los Angeles or Miami, or Dallas.

And if a black male and make it to age 20, and still alive, well that's like 40 or 50 in white years, you're doing pretty good if still alive and healthy at age 20, then if make it to 30, that's middle age for a black dude, and from there living on borrowed time, unless get away from the inner city, for sure.

Have to over come drive-by's, gang violence, poor nutrition, cops, jail prison, bad advice from family and friends, low self esteem, have to over come the influence of rappers who teach every foul value contrary to a productive life, have to over come women, child support and or their jealous boyfriends, there's just a lot to over come if born a black male in the inner city, both now and 50 years ago, probably more now, cause at least 50 years ago family units were more traditional within the black community.

Anyways, the right comedian could really build on that, tweak it, and make it funny, it's a theme that can be either really funny if presented properly and in context, or it's a theme that could be really 'dark', if presented by a depressing NPR (National Public Radio) type.

More to follow.

The Comedy Shop / Comedy shop directions
« Last post by TallOrder88 on September 14, 2020, 02:46:32 am »
Comedy shop instructions

Basically I'll lay out 'skits', partaining to different subject matters, and if there's any comedians out there looking for material, than feel free to modify and run with it.

Why would I do that?

Here's why, cause my window to do comedy is pretty much done, and over with, comedy is all about timing, timing on stage and timing in life, or being in that 'zone'.
For instance, the comedy Eddie Murphy did 20 years ago, he could not do today, it's a different time, he's evolved into a different person, it's all about timing.

Same with me, there was a time when open to stand up, but that time has kind of passed for now, not saying it won't ever come back, but you can't force it.
So instead of sitting on ideas, I figure why not share them.
Sure I could make money becoming a comedy writer, still could.

Won't people steal your ideas?

No one of importance reads these posts, so no, I'm not concerned some talent agent or famous comedian, or anyone really driven to do either, will come on here and read and then steal any ideas I share, if so, I'd actually be flattered, but for the most part people who'll read it, will simply sit on it, as they do everything else in their lives, they'll bury it, and never share no, I'm not concerned any motivated hungry entertainer type will read and steal it, but again, if they did if anything I'd be flattered.

And with that, let's get on with it; the comedy skits will be on separate sections within the comedy shop.
Reflections of a Ghost (My Space) / Re: Today
« Last post by TallOrder88 on September 12, 2020, 12:44:16 pm »

Today things have been pretty mellow, but have to work later on, and that's when chaos always begins, cause that's when got to interact with others who are nothing like 'self', people who are not mindful of how their actions effect others.

People who drive recklessly, people who condemn others they don't know based on color, age, gender or social status, people in bad moods who don't smile and more.

Sure, I'll bump into a few pleasant souls as well, either way though, would rather just stay home where I'm in control of my environment and where things are always calm.

Your home is like your mini Kingdom.

And if you have your own family, that's even more true.

Paranormal / Glass Cube, your fortune for today told here.
« Last post by TallOrder88 on September 09, 2020, 01:12:58 pm »
Glass Cube, your fortune for today told here

Be weary of your phone, for someone very close to you may be ease dropping on your conversations
My Gospel, individual episodes / Re: 'My Gospel', individual episodes
« Last post by TallOrder88 on September 09, 2020, 07:17:10 am »
Can morality exist outside of the Church?

Can morality exist outside of the church?
Ask yourself that question, can you, do you, want to be good and treat others right outside of 'god' telling you to?

Listen to short podcast episode and decide on your own...
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