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Marlon Brando on the Dick Cavett  show

Marlon Brando, even though long deceased, is now one of my favorite actors, they guy was very handsome, and also just out and right odd.

It's like he was a ugly person born in a very handsome body and face, and it's like he resented it.

Hard to find masculine looking actors like him today, I don't think such actors are even sought out anymore, but although he looked masculine, his inner self was very 'spacey'...that part of him for sure would fit in with todays world.

He was kind of ahead of his time in that way.

House rentals are way to much!!

House rentals are way to much!!!

How can common working class people, especially if single, afford like $1,500 a month to rent a place??

I mean common people today just don't earn that kind of money, you'd need a roommate!

I mean heck, I earn over $20 bucks an hour, yet would not be able to afford a $1,500.00 a month place, and if did, all income would have to go towards rent, sure I'd have decent place, but would have no money to spend on the side.

While some Government aided section 8 type would move in next door and be living better than me!!

Rent is just to high now days, and I'm talking for decent working class types!

Consumer Product and Service Reviews / Re: Google
« on: October 21, 2020, 09:48:43 am »
Google being sued by U.S. Government

Google is being sued by the U.S. Government for illegal hogging up all the search engine competition (I could of wrote that in a more professional way, but screw it).

Google seems to think they make 'our' searches better, I'm here to say they do not, as I can remember 10 years ago, the vast more results I'd get when typed in search bar, compared to now, if anything google has greatly shrank the search results, now it's like you only get like 10% of what's out article and you'll learn why.

Google only sends traffic to paid customers, so if some tiny shop, or tiny blogger, or tiny anything with good information, forget about being found on google.

Now all searches on google just lead you to the same ole big box stores and promos, that's so wrong.

Now you can actually find better information at local libraries again, isn't that something.

Before google, my You Tube videos would get 100's of views per month or week, now lucky to get 4 in 2 months.

That's do to googles algerythms or however spelled, so how is that good for 'me',?'s not.

Every thing google touches, buys out, they destroy the usefulness for small common people and just turn it into a 'pay to play' type set up.

Everyone use to have a voice online, before google and twitter and FB came along, now just the rich, do...and funny how the rich use to hold their nose up at twitter and social media, now ironically enough, it's catered to them.

The Farmed

Theme: Humans being farmed for food, like cattle, but don't realize it until to late

Now I know many will automatically think this is borrowing from Rod Sterling's 'The Menu' where Aliens landed and flew people back to their planet for food, sounds like that but not.

This idea has ran through my head for years and starts and ends on Earth.

Actually it would play out more like the 'Truman Show', where people are being farmed for slaughter and food, but in perfect environment, perfect homes, lives, perfect lovers, the whole deal of perfection where they think their lives are so good cause they're just better than others in society.

Then of course 1 or 2 in community begin to question it all, maybe do to a mistake in the grid or something, or a series of mistakes, and 1 or 2 begin to 'pry' and snoop and ask questions and go places they shouldn't (that's where the drama begins to build)

That's when director of movie begins showing audience the more sinister side of this so called perfect 'Human Farm'.

Now the villains could either be human, or dark spirits or aliens, that's up for writer to decide.

But this human farm, it's large and involved 100's of 1000's of people, and has been going on for at least 2 generations, is what makes it more horrifying when the truth comes out, cause relatives that people thought had just moved away, turns out they were headed to the 'meat plant' instead.

How this movie would end?...not sure, its' up to the writer...could end with clear cut victory for the good guys, or it could end like 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' where clearly the aliens had the upper hand.

Again 'The Farmed', feel free to build on that idea, or just come back and check for more, or even feel free to add an idea of your own.

If I were ruler or King or Dictator of America for 5 years


Males who were arrested for felonies under the age of 30 would also be sentencing their parents, married or not, to the same sentence they received, so if son got 30 years behind bars, so would mom and dad.

No more would women in the hood, or anywhere else, be allowed to unleash unholy hell onto society by raising sons without responsible Fathers to guide them, just so they can grow up and 'act out' in violent ways, in the ways we see out on the streets today.

In 5 years or less America would be 'safe again', for everyone, if I were dictator.

The light seekers

Most of us raised with this notion that dark is bad and light is good.
Whenever we get scared at night, what do we do, we turn on the light.

But what if, what if, turning on the light attracted the 'Light seekers'?

What are light seekers?, that's for you to decide, but since this is horror, whatever they are can't be all that pleasant.

I will say this though, they're dormant during the day, but come nightfall, they seek out 'the light', any light, kind of the way Moths do.

The night seekers are always hungry though, so when they see light, they come specifically to feed on whatever flesh is near by, and for sake of horror movie obviously that flesh would be humans.

I think with a bit of tweaking, a good horror movie writer could run with this idea and make it into a hit movie.

More ideas to follow.

Horror movie ideas for creative writers

The following posts will contain a few horror movies ideas for creative writers searching for new ideas, or even older ideas but with a new twist, just read, and take from ideas that which you can use.

I'm not in the position to develop any of them, so rather than let them sit in my mind, I figure why not share, and if you, in the future, write a great book or produce a great movie because of, than great.

Without a doubt, when it comes to men's shaving creams, Barbasol shaving cream is the clear winner

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Without a doubt when it comes to men's shaving creams, Barbasol is the clear cut winner, gel or no gel, Barbasol wins them all, at least in my opinion based on actual use of their product.

The shaving cream stays very thick while on face, comes out of can very thick, and stays thick in the can, no matter how long can sits.
I've used other foam shaving creams, and after a while they become watery and sticky, not Barbasol, Barbasol stays thick and creamy while in the can and while on your face, I am a big fan of this product now and can't wait to order more when current cans run out.
But that's another thing, they seem to last forever, I mean I'm not the heaviest shaver, but my gosh, seems the current cans I have never seem to run out, have had for over 6 months now, more like a year, and still plenty of ye, you most certainly do get a good bang for your buck with Barbosal shaving cream.

Old classic commercial, but this is one product line that definitely tells the truth about their product.

Grocery shopping Consumer reviews / Mens shaving cream or creams reviews
« on: October 18, 2020, 11:52:23 am »
Men's shaving cream

This section here will review and rate men's shaving cream or creams.

Work cool vs Socially cool

Being seen as a great guy/gal at work, doesn't always translate into those who see you as such wanting to hang out with you in other areas of their life.

New Podcast episode!

New Paranormal Saturday Episode!, topics include Witches, bigfoot and Aliens, listen to fun episode now for free, better than Netflix!

Yes, folks, sit back relax and listen to latest show to be turned out, just off the press tonight, with a 'best of ending'.

It's Halloween and as such time to have fun, escape and imagine...welcome to Paranormal Saturday, a Para show like no other!

Reflections of a Ghost (My Space) / Re: Today
« on: October 06, 2020, 09:05:33 am »
Need to go shopping today 

I hate going shopping now, absolutely hate it, no longer like the experience of getting up and out then going to store where evaluated by 'low standard people', who think you're just in store to create mischief.

At my age you just get tired of it, and at my age the 'lust factor' is no longer there, in other words you're not excited that you might meet someone special at the store anymore, instead there's just other people moping around like you are, there cause they have to be, and not cause they want to be.

Signed up for Public home delivery a few years ago, but never once used the service.

Walmart is the worst place to go, especially if you're a single minority male in that everyone is hardwired to believe you're only purpose in life is to go into 'their' store and steal something, anything, even a candy bar, and so they watch you like a hawk.

Even give those vague 'Security Isle or sector 5 scan' bogus messages...and then when leaving store the whole 'can I see a receipt humiliation....well I haven't shown them a receipt for years, stopped doing it years ago once I realized you don't have to....and I practically beg them to 'detain' me, call the Police, so that I can retire with a nice lawsuit.

But still, just knowing ahead of time you gotta go through all that just to buy a few items can be stressful and wear you out.
As you age, you begin to realize if you're a certain color, the world will never give you that respect you always thought you'd get when older and proven self....most just won't ever give you that respect, most just don't know's not in them to.

Also I need groceries, which is so very expensive now days, even filling up small green or red hand held basket can run around $50.00 + in groceries, by the time you buy some fruit, milk, vegetables, some canned goods, this, that, maybe some meat, you're already at $60 bucks, in little green basket.

But proper food and nutrition is health, so what are you going to do?
If want to stay healthy, have enough energy for work, you have to eat, and eat right.

Other than other smalll tasks around my place, that will be my day, cause come tomorrow evening, it's on again, work that is, long hard and brutal, and in fact will be working 4 overnights going forward, and off 3, but by the time off, those 3 days off feel more like 2 days off cause so brutalized.

Physically the job not that brutal, rather it's the over night hours that makes it feel that way.
But will be earning over a $1000.00 a week through Holiday period, I could use the money for sure, but can body handle it?

Money vs health.

So for next few months, my presence on here may be a bit lighter than normal do to work schedule.

But with money saved, if survive this period, maybe I can finally move or get used RV, or buy some land and start planning for what's left of my future, which I don't want to evolve around a job.

I need to pay cash for some things, be it land or be it a RV, where rent isn't a problem going forward, cause that's where most people dump all their money, and rent don't care how old or tired or even sick you are.

Time to get on with the day...and screw corona.

Old classic sci-fi movies that made our great great grandparents 'scared' while in their teens..let's take a trip back here and just explore and enjoy the past. 

'The beginning of the end' you're like 107 years old and that you watched this movie in the prime of your teenage years...where's the popcorn and time machine.

Much more to follow..

What am I / Re: What am I?
« on: October 05, 2020, 03:30:59 pm »
What am I?, today I feel I'm a defeated foe, moral low and absolutely sucks


Sometimes I think getting smacked around and beat up is less painful or harmful, than getting attacked in other ways, that don't leave physical scars, but that damage your moral, self esteem, sense of worth and more.

When you get beat up (lightly), whether in play or a light tussle, it's usually not all that personal, it's not really an attack on your inner self, but getting spiritually beat up, or damaged in psychological ways, well, it feels a lot more personal and the pain from those kind of attacks can last a life time or really effect your long term mood.

People who commit suicide don't do so because they got beat up one night at a bar, or on the streets, that's usually laughed rather people who commit suicide, who suffer from depression, do so for the deeper reasons I mentioned above...mainly neglect...emotional and social neglect, or even fiscal neglect.

If I could walk into a boxing ring tonight, or even a wrestling ring, and get 'tossed' around, I'd leave actually feeling better about self...even if got clobbered by opponent, their clobbering me would be more affection than myself, and others, get now.

Only so very few will get that, and if you don't get it, than be glad you don't, means your life is OK.

This Paranormal Podcast episode deals with Halloween season, the Planet Venus, and how new technology has actually made peoples worlds much smaller do to algorythms shrinking our choices

New Paranormal Saturday episode, deals with Halloween season, the planet Venus and more, plus added 'best of' skit that deals with good vs bad fortune tellers.....

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