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Title: Androgynous Art
Post by: TallOrder88 on July 20, 2020, 08:36:43 pm
Androgynous Art


This section here is for Androgynous art, this section for those who get tired of the art narrative that says only blonde, younger, w, females are worthy of the canvass.

The art I specifically share and create also usually deals in sci-fi and horror, where instead of blonde w women hogging all the attention of the canvass, I like to use Androgynous souls instead, meaning the gender is not the focus of what's being depicted in scene, but rather the 'scene' itself is the purpose.

And be using Androgynous souls, instead of gendered souls, it allows more people to step into the scene and ask 'what if that were me', and or maybe it is them, in a abstract way.

Sadly most art is depicted in a very selfish way, and the artist never realizes it, cause most art is so very gender or age, or ethnic specific, that everyone else just forced to look at it rather than becoming a part of it.

My art explores vulnerabilities inside of all, and not just vulnerabilities inside of 'w' women, as if w women are the only ones on the planet with inner vulnerabilities, I never understad that narrative.

Everyone is vulnerable on the inside, everyone can be and are the focus of violence and hostility, everyone battles inner conflict and more, it's just most, particularly if male, or male of color, or non white female, most just hide it, and pretend to be tough on the outside, which gives rise to violent behavior on the surface.

The more scared and insecure someone is on the inside, the more hostile and violent their behavior is.

My art explores what many are afraid of on the inside, particulalry males who aren't allowed much artistic or gender range on the surface.

More art to follow.

Title: Re: Androgynous Art
Post by: TallOrder88 on November 09, 2020, 06:43:40 pm
I don't know


If we only could chose how we looked, if we only could chose to look the real way we are on the inside.

Would it matter though?
Title: Re: Androgynous Art
Post by: TallOrder88 on November 24, 2020, 10:31:46 pm

Youth is 'art' when you think about it, and some are just born with 'that look', or that texture, but nothing lasts forever on Earth, even beauty is 'fleeting', as the suns harmful rays age and dry out ones skin.

It's why it's so important to capture 'those moments', when in that 'zone' of beauty, cause it never lasts forever.