Author Topic: General crime comments  (Read 46 times)


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General crime comments
« on: June 24, 2020, 06:22:59 am »
Where I stay, over night, two gunman shot themselves to death, they both died after shooting each other outside a hotel, the Police are asking if anyone has any information to contact them.

But, hmm, I imagine solving this case is low on their list, I mean both street alpha gun toting men died shooting each other, and I'm willing to bet those these two men terrorized are secretly happy their both gone.

So what's there to solve? I mean two trouble makers are dead and gone, two violent hot heads are dead and gone, they both eliminated each other, and their mothers should be proud they raised such sensible young men.

I'm just glad no one got hurt in the crossfire, or that a cop wasn't involved who then would be getting attacked in the media right now.
Nope, instead they eliminated each other.

I also wonder how many future victims of both of these hot heads will live now or not be harmed?
Or how many other unsolved shootings and crimes they were involved in?

I, myself am not crying over it.

And I'm sure they were fueled by whatever rap music they were listening to right before confrontation occurred, well the rap artists who encouraged 'gun life', certainly can't help these two now, nope.
The rap artists they built their identities around will continue to sell digital albums, while these two lay in the morgue now.

And with that being said, comments and videos of senseless crimes to follow.

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