Author Topic: What's the point of guns anymore, if a good person?  (Read 20 times)


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What's the point of guns anymore, if a good person?
« on: December 25, 2020, 11:01:00 am »
What's the point of guns anymore if a good person or good civilian?

What's the point of guns anymore if a good person or good civilian?

Like the 38 year old woman in this article who shot a fleeing man after man tried stealing two bottles of liquor from store...sorry, you can't do that..and lady was arrested and charged (the man lived though).

Here's the thing, most with concealed weapons seem to not realize they're not Police officers, owning a gun, carrying one on you doesn't make you a cop.

Carrying a gun on you doesn't give you the right to even detain another individual unless that individual poses immediate threat to others or self of course.

I guess what I'm trying to say is guns just seem to get 'good' intentioned people in more trouble than they're prepared to handle.

And now with this anti gun Biden/Harris admin moving in, who's side do you think Judges are going to be on when it comes to defending self with a gun?

Let's say justified in doing so, still have to convince a jury of that, still have to hire a Lawyer, pay all that money, probably still have to serve jail time, now have a record, and if single who's going to pay your rent, your bills, while caught up in court?

To me it's not worth it carrying around a gun, concealed permit or not.

There are other stories of cops freaking out when they find out you have a gun, permit or not, especially if a male of color or black, then it's even worse...

Again, eventually cop got scolded, but what average person has time for all of this?
What if driver on way to work or to a wedding or kids graduation, and now ends up going to jail cause cop freaks out over gun.
Yes, I know it's his right, but is it worth it when things go wrong?

Personally I just don't need any gun anywhere near me when outside my place cause if anything goes wrong, a gun on the scene or in my vehicle is like automatic arrest, or if get in crash, or falsely identified and cops pull you over cause 'you fit the description' bs.

Now days I'd almost rather just be the victim than the hero, cause now days with this twisted justice system seems it's the mean mean Hero who gets jailed and who's life is ruined, while the criminal shows up in court looking all sissy and soft do to coaching by their Lawyer.

The last thing I need is for a regular traffic stop to turn into me going to jail cause cop doesn't think I should have a gun, even if I'm eventually right, it's the months, years, proving I'm write that can destroy your life.

More to follow as time allows or feel free to add your own thoughts.

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