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Feet and Greet
« on: June 17, 2020, 08:40:58 pm »
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Hello, this section here for people who have a fascination with 'feet'.

I've always wanted to create a dating site where instead of people sharing pictures of their faces, they share only pictures of their feet, and take it from there.

For there are some guys out there that if have attractive feet, all else is forgiven.

And I'm sure the same applies to women.

Our feet say a lot about us to those into them, reading feet, how one takes care of their feet is almost like astrology or 'Foot astrology', a word just invented, lol

Speaking of myself personally, if a woman has feet I deem to be soft and worthy of my touch, than what her face looks like doesn't matter.

It's just a feet thing, I suppose, and only those into feet understand that.

On the other hand though, a woman or man could have neglected feet, dirty feet ext, and because of that 'nothing else registers'.

And most are like that with our faces, in that if we're ugly, nothing else matters.

So anyways, if post in this section, the only requirement is is that you post picture of feet in avatar, and nothing else, and from there, who knows.

If it catches on fine, if not, well at least I tried and or gave someone a idea to start something better elsewhere.

Either way, cute soft, well taken care of feet are like medicine to this world.

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