Author Topic: My job and how it effects my life  (Read 41 times)


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Re: My job and how it effects my life
« on: January 08, 2021, 01:32:52 am »
I've had enough

I've had enough of this Holiday schedule, which means working more days than signed on for, I'm older now, so don't need to work long grueling hours anymore, if working long grueling hours mattered, I'd of been a millionaire long ago.

I only desire either 3 long days in a row or a week, or 4 shorter days, as in 8 hours, maybe 9, but that's it.

This idea that I can just work my butt off and retire with wealth at my age is a joke, if couldn't do so while in my 20's, it isn't going to occur now.

So now, 'Time' is what matters to me, and my health of course.

I gave many good years of my life to 'industry in the past, and the net

And I just don't have anymore of my time/life/health to give away.

I also noticed when all you do is work, come home and sleep, that.

1. You begin to neglect your physical health

2. You begin to neglect your physical looks, as in grooming, is why so many in the blue collar world looks so 'shot' all the time, like they've just given up on the whole idea of 'fashion'.

3. You stop exercising, which effects you health in a big way, work does not equal exercise, not even....even if job is 'hard', it's not the same as cardio exercise, is why so many coal miner type men died so young back in the day.

4. You start to give up on your dreams, your personal goals.

And I could go on and on.

Every ones life is different, people are at different junctures in their or our lives...some are single, others married with kids and so forth.
Some enjoy what they do, others hate what they do, and or maybe hate the 'work environment'.

Even the dirtiest job can seem fun if working around fun people

And that's the key, work environment is the key.

On my job I'm very alienated while at work, so there's like no emotional support, nothing, just complete assignment after 12 or so hours then go home.

Tomorrow letting boss I need to go back to a 3 day work week, and if can't, will just quit...heck I probably need 2 months off anyways.

This idea I or one has to work every single day of the year until dead...says who?

And also with 'C' virus out there everywhere, I don't need constant exposure to it by leaving home 4 days a week...I just don't need it.

More to follow, just got in and wore out.