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Police vs no Police
« on: June 09, 2020, 05:05:58 pm »
Police vs no Police

The following will be a dialogue for upcoming podcast.


Police vs no Police

Put me down on the Law and order side please.

Like most intelligent emotionally balanced individuals, I don't think in either or's, rather I think in degrees.

1. Are people who are inclined to be racist, or bullies, or corrupt, recruited into Police departments, of course they are, so the solution needs to be in ridding those individuals, not doing away with Police departments.

Look, the hood, or living around people with the hood mentality is scary enough as it is, regardless of color or ethnicity, how much more scary would it be if there were no police to call when place broken into, when car stolen, or if a Female at home a lone and deranged ex boyfriend shows up, if no police, who would you call to remedy the situation?

Not only that but if you remove police departments, Fire and ambulance services would probably refuse to take service calls from certain zip codes, the same way pizza delivery companies won't.

And if Police departments go, so do detectives, who help solve crimes using evidence gathered by 'crime scene analyst' who are employees of Police departments.

Are you kidding me, criminals would totally capitalize on this, criminals would see such jurisdictions that lacked PD's as being Disney Land.

Criminals would be emboldened not just to smash and grab, but also to sexually assault women and children at will, knowing there'd be no one they could call for assistance or to get justice.

Drug dealers would love this new no police reality as well, Oh my gosh would drug dealers, pimps and every other type of scam artist love a city with no police and no criminal justice, no crime labs, ext.

IT would also force more people to buy guns and arm themselves, not rural NRA types, but 9-5 urban blue collar types, working poor types, so now it would be like the wild west of old, every man and woman for them self.

And that's no way to live, cause if you live by the gun, you usually end up dying by the gun, sure, you may take out an intruder here or there, but then what happens?
Revenge, that's what happens, and person you shot, their 'homies' or friends, or even family, or gang members, will surely get revenge, drive by's would increase, and worse, and gun or no gun, if others want you dead it's just a matter of time.

And most of the Democrats pushing this crap, are elite rich Politicians that live 'way out', that already have tax payer paid for security, and who live in gated communities, so they wouldn't be as effected as a 'no police' city or county.

Or would they?

I mean I know if I were a criminal, I would soon realize all the real money, value, is 'out in the burbs', not here in the hood where I live, so what's up homies, lets take a trip out to the burbs and hit them rich people'.

Oh ye, to criminals all the rich, wealthy homes and mansions way out would light up like cash registers, where all the Porches are, and other fancy cars...hell just car jack person driving such car, no cops, so what's the big deal.

No cops, victim has no one to give description to, and without description no that would be a fun world to live in.

No cops, wanna know who'd fill the void?...Mexican Cartels, and wouldn't be surprised if through 3rd party donors, their not the ones pushing this BS, Oh, the Cartels would fill the void, and would probably demand a certain level of law in order, not cause they're good, but rather so things wouldn't interupt their trafficking schemes.

Even as a male of color, can't imagine living in a city without cops, where any vigle anti type could blow me away simply cause they thought I was a threat.

I'm not trying to live some Mad Max, road warrior existence, not at my age.

No cops huh, child trafficking would flourish, dog fighting would flourish, prostitution would be on every corner, addicts everywhere, men would lose respect for women since there'd be no punishment for abuse, you'd see women with bruises, busted out teeth and worse.

Sorry, that's just not a place I'd want to live in or around, if want that I'd move to Somalia.

Anyways folks, if agree or disagree than feel free to respond or leave a comment, reach out or whatever, and or please do follow this blog, leave link and ext.

More common sense men of color need to be heard from during these zany times, not enough of us in the media sad to say....
Some of us just get sick of 70 year old white men lecturing us, the nation, on things we already know to be true, as if only they have a copyright on common sense, hell no.

And with that, I'm, we're out.

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